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Jeff's Gameblog
Wednesday, 24 March 2004
more blather about Savage Worlds
Another thing that has struck me about Savage Worlds is how suitable the system looks towards one-shot and short campaign gaming. GURPS and HERO always struck me as a little to bloated for brief games, just building a character took too damn long. BESM/SAS seems to require a bit of work as well. SW scores fewer points on flexibility, but still provides plenty of character options at a fraction of the build time. And it's not nearly as sketchy as some of the "rule light" generic stuff I've looked at, such as QAGS. I'm not saying that GURPS or HERO or BESM or QAGS are bad systems, they just have different uses. But Savage Worlds hits the sweet spot when it comes to brief games in mutliple genres. It provides sufficient crunch and character differentiation without bogging down the char gen process.

Of course the next big test will be how fast the system works in actual play.

Posted by jrients at 9:40 AM CST

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