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Jeff's Gameblog
Thursday, 20 May 2004

Last night was another great run of Dave's "Avatars" game. We finally got that bandit bastard! Yay! Once again we ended a session looking forward to the next get-together. I got to see the Savage Worlds fatigue rules up close and personal when my PC pushed himself to the breaking point. That was interesting. I'm more and more liking this ruleset. Talk around the table indicated that there was a forthcoming SW worldbook "Necessary Evil", in which the PCs are supervillains in a world where the aliens invaded and the superheroes failed to repel them. Between this and "Zombie Run" thats 2 SW products I'm thinking about getting.

This Saturday is Dave's tacos-and-LAN party. I was looking forward to trying some of Dave's tacos. I've heard good things about his cooking. I think I'm gonna have to no-show. My ex-girlfriend Karen is going to be there. I don't expect any drama or anything. We're both grown-up and after all, its been, what, seven or eight years? Still, it would be at least a little weird and I just don't feel like spending psychic energy on it. Since Pat brought the whole thing to my attention I've talked about it and thought about it more than the situation really warrants. Now I've blogged about it too. Time to move on.

Oh well. There will be other opportunities to get together with Dave and the crowd he runs around with.

Posted by jrients at 12:31 PM CDT

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