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The last chapter in AD&D supplement The Rogues Gallery was titled “Personalities”.  This chapter provided statistics and descriptions of legendary personages.  Basically they were PCs and NPCs created by TSR staff.  Erol Otus provided both an illustration and statistics for a character of his called Valerius.




player: Erol Otus


human male

neutral good

fighter level 12


hit points:  81

armor class: -2  [error in original states Ac10]


Strength 17

Intelligence 13

Wisdom 9

Dexterity 18

Constitution 16

Charisma 15


Valerius is an independent-minded man, a trait which causes his detractors to consider him a renegade.  he has rejected the idea of building a castle, considering it an exercise in foolish futlity.  Now, he spends his time constantly travelling, never staying in a single area for more than one adventure.  He travels light, disdaining armor and encumbering items, preferring to depend on a few magical devices and his own skill.  Money means little to him except for its usefulness when spent.  He enjoy an extravagant lifestyle, spending money on clothes and pleasant comforts.  When out of money, he will try all manner of adventures to get more.  Where it comes from does not always concern him.


In many ways Valerius is an atypical man.  He enjoys the arts and will at times act as a patron He is interested in peoples, ancient civilizations, and scientific curiosities.  Many of his adventures are prompted by strange rumours of these things.


The few magical objects thatValerius has collected are (as befits his nature) somewhat unique.  He has a set of bracers of the blinding strike, a sword of skewering, a ring of protection +2, and a ring of vampiric regeneration.


New Magic Items


bracers of the blinding strike


These bracers look identical to magical bracers customarily found.  If they are worn by non-fighters they will simply act as bracers of defense, AC 4.  However, they have 2 special powers that will reveal themselves when they are worn by fighters.  First of these is that the bracers allow the user to add one to his or her initiative rolls when they are worn.  Secondly, they can, at mental command, double the number of strikes the owner is allowed for that particular round.  The fighter may only use this second power 3 times per day.  The change in armor class may also be used by the fighter.


sword of skewering


This lightweight and somewhat flimsy-looking sword is a powerful magic weapon.  Although it has no bonuses to hit or damage and only does damage equal to a short sword, it can negate the bonuses given to magical armor.  Hence, a +4 plate mail would be treated as if it were armor class 3 when determining whether this weapon would score a hit.  It does not negate magical bonuses for attacks by other weapons on that opponent, nor does it permanently cancel any bonuses.  The sword may also strike any monster not normally hit by non-magic weapons.


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