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Jeff's Gameblog
Saturday, 5 June 2004

Yippee! My Enochian Chess article is up at the Chess Variant Pages! It's nice to see all the work I put into it finally come to fruition. I'm a bit suprised that my earlier submission, Knight Chase, has not been posted to the site yet. I'm going to guess that it's waiting in another editor's queue. Now maybe I'm ready to get working on the article for my new large variant.

I dropped Gamma World as my current eBay search and replaced it with SenZar. I'm working on the SenZar piece as the next entry in my "In Praise of Bad Games" series. Of all the games I intend to cover, SenZar is probably the best of the lot.

I started reading the rulebooks for Cyborg Commando and I can see where people would find this game a big letdown coming from Gary Gygax. Still, on its own merits I don't think it is as bad as some people make out. I'm tempted to try a serious review of it for RPG.net. One of the reasons I started this blog was to help me get the writing chops in sufficient shape that I would feel comfortable writing for other sites. I've now got some stuff on the Chess Variants Pages, but I'm a bit more intimidated by the prospect of writing fort RPG.net. I've gotten so comfortable being one of the regular blokes there, the thought of doing a review gives me a little of that special hometown style stagefright.

Moe, my GM for the online Malls & Morons game, has posted stats for all the PCs so far. Here's my guy:
Commander Shicklegruber Nerd Trekkie 1

Str: 12 SP: 11 EP: 29
Dex: 18 AC: 17 (+2 skater pads, +4 dex, +1 class)
Con: 16 EAC: 13 (+3 class, +1 charisma)
Int: 16 Init: +8
Wis: 10 BaB: +0
Cha: 12 Tenis Racket +1 1d4+1
Fort: +3 Ref: +5 Wil: +2

Skills: Knowledge (sci-fi) (+7), Intimidate (+5), Jump (+5) Hobby (Role Playing Games) (+7), Knowledge (Physics) (+7) Knowledge (Television) (+7) Knowledge (Pop Culture) (+7) Speak: Klingon, Computer Use (+6)

Feats: Run, Improved Grope (groping does not provoke an AoO, and you get a +4 to attack), Improved Initiatve, Spaz (similar to a barbarian's rage)

Gear: Skater Pads, Tenis Racket, 10 bucks
I'm not sure what's up with the Skater Pads and Tennis Racket, but I'm just going with the flow.

Posted by jrients at 8:55 PM CDT

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