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Jeff's Gameblog
Saturday, 20 March 2004

I read the Boot Hill 2nd edition rulebook today. It has been at least 15 years since I last read it, maybe 20. I guess the couple of decades of gaming helped, because I think I finally understand the combat system. I'm seriously thinking about tracking down some modules for this puppy. Only 5 adventures and maybe a screen were published for it. I suppose other western games could be of some use, like the old Western Hero supplement from I.C.E. And Dragon issue #71, IIRC, had a great module called The Taming of Brimstone, complete with a nifty little tactical map. I reread most of it off the good ol' Dragon CD-ROM. About the only changes I would make would be to stretch out the time scale (two murders a day seems to be the average situation as written!) and maybe add a a few buildings to the map. I believe a brothel is conspicuously absent, thanks to the political climate of the era the module was published in.

Gave some more thought to my chess variant, Spacewarp 44. I think the warp squares will work like this: Any piece that starts its move on a red 'warp' square may forgo its normal move/capture rules and instead leap to any other warp square, capturing any enemy piece occupying the destination square.

Posted by jrients at 1:54 PM CST

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