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Jeff's Gameblog
Sunday, 14 March 2004

Working on a website, even an amateur hack job like mine, seems to be fraught with peril. Mainly I'm thinking about the "one more page" syndrome. Lately each page I've developed has spawned ideas for further pages. While I would normally consider this a good thing (as it shows the creative process has become a feedback loop), some of these new page ideas work best if fully integrated into a current project. For example, I'm working on an Otus Shrine page for the old AD&D supplment The Rogues Gallery. All fine and dandy. Otus did the front and back cover and a half dozen or so interior illos. Perfect material for a new page on the Shrine. But Otus also submitted an excellent character for the "Personalities" chapter. I'd like to put the stats for this guy up on its own page, with a link from the general rogue's gallery page. Not a big deal, except for the fact that I feel like I need to complete both before posting either of them. I'm running into a similar issue on the BattleTech page as well. As I think I'm getting closer to finishing this article, I keep coming up with more stuff. I hate to whine over having too much material, but there things are starting to snowball.

I downloaded S. John Ross's custom fontmaking startup package this morning. It looks pretty easy and not that expensive. I'm down to four obstacles to getting my "AlphaTech" font made:

1) I'm about 4 letters short of a full load of characters. I might have to just plain make them up.

2) I need to produce a template for S. John to work off of.

3) S. John needs to have the time available to crank out my font.

4) He needs to be willing to make me a font that uses obviously appropriated imagery. I'm not sure anyone cares about the old BattleTech logos from an IP standpoint, but who knows?

I think I will complete the template before I email him to see if he's interested, if only to establish to myself that I am willing to see this project through to the end. Hopefully if S. John is unavailable or unwilling to do the job I can still make some use of the produced template.

Posted by jrients at 9:30 AM CST

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