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Jeff's Gameblog
Wednesday, 25 February 2004
Project 1 of 3, my current campaign
Home Team, my super hero campaign

Rules: Heroes Unlimited 1st edition, plus some Ninja's & Superspies Revised

Setting: Marvel New York

I like using pre-existing supers settings (Marvel, DC, Amalgam, Image, whatever floats yer boat) but there is always the problem of the established heroes. My solution is to set my "twelve-issue limited series" mini-campaign during the run of the Secret Wars. The Avengers, FF, X-men, and Spidey are off fighting bad guys on another planet, leaving the PCs behind to keep the tide of villainy at bay. Sure, some of the best villains are gone, too, but you can always find more villains. (And I plan on using Kang the Conqueror and Dr. Doom anyway.)

Issue #0 of the campaign was character creation. My three players, after throwing dice and fiddling with the rules, produced the following heroes:

Jill Montgomery, Agent of SHIELD
Cyborg, the 7.5 Million Dollar Man
The Dingo, the Aussie from Outer Space

In Issue #1 ("Night of the Dreadnoughts") we established the premise of the comic with the public disappearance of the NPC heroes. The Dingo had some great mini-scenes. His character had moved to the Big Apple to find work with a bigtime crimefighting superteam. He was rebuffed by Jervis, the Avengers' butler and over tea Doctor Strange informed him that the Defenders had to disband to save the future timeline.

The main body of the adventure consisted of Shadow Master, leader of the Crime Masters, using his criminal genius to remotely activate some Dreadnought robots. Our heroes defeat the rampaging robots then track down the Crime Masters and capture them in their lair. The session ended with Agent Montgomery finding out "the boss" wanted to speak with her first thing the next morning.

Incidentally, the Crime Masters are the sample villains in the Heroes Unlimited rulebook and the rampaging dreadnoughts idea comes from a scenario suggestion in the Marvel Super Heroes Advanced Rules (the old FASERIP version).

Next issue: Hydra!

Posted by jrients at 3:47 PM CST

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